I ♥ you Mister Sun ...

"Mister Sun" Brigitte Bardot
Mister Sun, stay awhile
summer is here
you've made me smile
when your rays, come to me
I feel warm inside: stay with me
Mister Sun, you have ways 
of putting me into a daze
when you shine, on the sea
blue turns into gold, stay with me
When your rays, kiss my hand,
how my heart sighs!
all alone on the sand 
I close my eyes
Mister sun, you're so far 
please help me find 
my wishing star
only you, understand
how lonely I am, on the sand
You take me far away from noisy crowds,
when I just watch your plays
I'm on the clouds
Mister Sun, stay awhile,
don't go away, please stay with me
please, stay with me
please, stay with me

2 commentaires:

maja a dit…

la Bretagne,ça vous gagne! c'est trop bon...

a dit…

Yes, du soleil, ça fait du bien !!!